Transforming the waste into the wonderful.

Let's be honest, how long do items from your wardrobe last? And what do you do with items of clothing that you no longer wear? I bet they are dusting somewhere in the back of your wardrobe. Or worse: lying in a garbage bag in the attic, waiting for a second life.

Don't get me wrong, I was guilty of it a while ago. Until recently, I put the pieces that I no longer felt good at, or simply no longer liked, far from view. Until my guilt came into play.

With my background as a fashion designer, I was triggered to get some forgotten garments from the attic and use them for new designs. Pretty soon I ran out of my own supply. I started buying up leftover fabric stocks from other designers and combining them with fabrics from recycled clothing. This turned out to be such a success that I decided to start my own label. KSTMIZED was born.


Bye bye fast fasion.

Unlike fast fashion chains, KSTMIZED doesn't do trends or fast collections. Why? To show that things can be done differently. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world. In addition, production conditions are problematic and basic employee rights are violated. At KSTMIZED we tackle this problem by having all pieces produced completely locally in Belgium. A sustainable process is our top priority.


The time for timeless is now.

KSTMIZED makes unique pieces from fabric surpluses and forgotten clothing. The concept is simple: the pieces are simple & timeless in design and rarely or slowly change (hello slow fashion!), But get their unique character through the combination of the fabric surpluses from designers and recycled clothing.